Joe Caballero is the SVP of Rough Cut Films, a former

U.S. Marine, Actor, Director and Producer.


After serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps Infantry (Security Forces at the White House and Combat Operations in the Middle East) Joe was honorably discharged in 1992 and moved back to Chicago, Illinois.


in 1993, while studying criminal justice and performing in small theater productions, he quickly began to land small roles on TV shows like The Untouchables, Tough Target, Americas Most Wanted and Just Shoot Me. 


In 1995, Joe was discovered by director Gregory Hoblit while filming Primal Fear and was upgraded to a principal speaking role with veteran actors Richard Gere and Steven Bauer.


Shortly after, Joe landed small roles in Home Alone 3, Hoodlums, Original Gangstas, 7 Colombian Kilos, The Dark Knight, Witless Protection, Drifted and most recently


Guest Star Roles on


Philip K. Dick's

"Electric Dreams"

An Amazon Original Series



A Netflix Original Series -


Joe is also a producer and aspiring director - in 1995, he won 1st place finalist for his Documentary "The Meat Tricks" at the Westwood International Film Festival, Los Angeles. He's also directed various shorts and pilots.

Operation Desert Storm